THE BIG SHORT- Have you seen it yet?


The_Big_Short_teaser_posterWell buckle your seat belts, that is if you’re NOT a millennial OR someone who wasn’t effected by the housing crash 10 years ago…

Me?  During the crash, I had been a Sales Manager for a local homebuilder with several rental properties at the peak of the market, many of which had 2 loans on them… When the market did crash, besides the joy I experienced (I’m being quite facetious at the moment) at letting go most of our Sales representatives we had at the time, I had the pleasure of either short selling or losing to foreclosure all of the properties I’d owned, went through a divorce with 2 young children and left my 6 figure job because I saw the writing on the wall and knew that builder was going to struggle to stay afloat- which not only did they file BK, but so did I ultimately…

So throughout the movie, I found myself moaning and groaning as I relived all the emotions every time I saw a flash of a bank like “Countrywide” or “Wachovia” on the screen or when they went into major description of the loans like the “Nina” loans which were No Income No Asset verification that were given basically to anyone with a pulse.

Basically the depths and layers of greed that facilitated all of the fraud that occurred leading up to and during the crash was astonishing to me….

25.-What-the-Big-Short-teaches-the-little-guySome notable quotes from the movie:

Jared Vennett: Tell me the difference between stupid and illegal and I'll have my wife's brother arrested.


Mark Baum: I don't get it. Why are they confessing?

Danny Moses: They're not confessing.

Porter Collins: They're bragging.






Not only did I go through my own financial crisis which forced me to learn how to negotiate Short Sales; but in years 2008-2013, with the help of my team, we literally helped hundreds of people successfully avoid foreclosure by completing Short Sales themselves.  They were lengthy, stressful and dealing with the Banks that caused the mess was far from fun… The worse part for me was sitting at the dining table hearing the stories of loss, loss of job, income, etc… I saw many tears during those years which today I blame the majority of my grey hairs on. It’s a proven fact that home ownership makes happier homes, to the point of where I’ve seen studies where homeownership increases stability and benefits children directly with higher test scores.

So here we are in 2015, when looking around, seems life and the economy is much better than it was in general with employment rates and homeownership rates much much higher than it was during the crash.  I pray we’ve learned our lessons… the genius who predicted the crash sadly may not agree…

One thing I can tell you after my 22 year full time experience in this industry is that our Real Estate market is cyclical and if it seems too good to be true, then there probably is a catch.  I personally live a lot more conservatively than I did 10 years ago and rather than find myself in debt up to my eyeballs, I prefer to live beneath my means as I never want to go through that ever ever again. 

It’s a LOT more fun selling houses when my clients are making a profit and what’s even better is helping my past Short Sale clients become homeowners again, it truly is one of my favorite things to do today…





Homes Sell FASTER when Staged!



The wonderful thing is that you don’t have to get crazy with expensive fixes, just doing the basic like lightening/brightening and cleaning/de-cluttering will give you an average return of 594%-769%?!?!?

See chart below for the average return on your Staging Investment….


Recently, my husband and I came across a great example of what a difference STAGING a home professionally can make on the value of a home.  We were incredibly impressed with a currently Active listing located within our neighborhood (same floor plan of our own home). We’d been "following" the home as we also have done upgrades to our own home and are happy to see how well this investor has helped increase the value of his home- while positively affecting the value of the neighboring homes as well, including our own.

Originally purchased as a Short Sale for $393,000 2/10/14 & a recent listing appraisal came in for $524,000 after the updating/staging was completed.

Click here for the current listing info, we’d be happy to show you this lovely home in person!

What some more ideas on Staging your home?

New home builders are masters of ensuring their homes show at 100% all of the time because it’s a proven fact that doing so improves BOTH the time on market and overall price their homes sell for.

If you are near Chandler, we’ve compiled a list of New Home Builders in the Chandler area.

Click here--->> Chandler Builder Roadmap to Download your own copy of the Chandler Builder Roadmap .

To download your own Staging Checklist, click here

We are also happy to come and give you a free no obligation consultation for your own home if you've been thinking about selling, please call 480-243-4242 or email to set an appointment.


Underwater home

I have to admit, I was just a little nervous when I rang in the New Year and our elected Politicians still hadn’t come together to extend the Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007 for another year.  I was extremely relieved when I awoke yesterday to the FANTASTIC NEWS. (<—click link- there were also other mortgage related extensions like the Mortgage Interest Deduction that were passed with the Fiscal Cliff deal)

We also had many clients that were concerned about getting their own Short Sale done & closed by the 12/31/12 deadline, just in case our government did not extend it. (We had 3 alone that closed this past Monday afternoon, all as MAJOR rushes to beat it!)

I also know that in the last few months, the FISCAL CLIFF has had many people personally fiscally frozen, not able or willing to make large financial decisions due to the fear of the unknown future of our National Economy and how going off the cliff may have impacted them directly.

The GREAT NEWS is that if you or someone you knew were one of those folks, waiting and holding off to find out the outcome to the political squabbling in our House and Senate- wait no longer! Click HERE to get started having your questions answered regarding IF a  Short Sale is a viable option for you at this time.  To find out IF your home is even underwater any longer (with our appreciation last year of 20+% in the Valley, many are not), just use our FREE SIMPLE calculator that can help predict when your home will become an ASSET again- if it isn’t already….

With Mortgage Rates still in the 3% range- it’s also still a fabulous time to PURCHASE a home, especially since the Mortgage Interest is still tax deductable, thanks to the deal struck yesterday in Washington at 2 am EST.

Whether it’s to BUY &/or SELL a home, if you are looking in the Phoenix Metro Area- please give the professionals of Integrity All Star Realty the privilege to help you and your family with their next Real Estate transaction, as it’s our passion and we couldn’t be happier about how this exciting news will help the majority of people out there!  Just call 480-243-4242 to get started, Rebecca Hidalgo and her agents are always happy to assist!


How to FIX your own Credit Report yourself!

Have you ever heard anything good about those credit repair companies that charge people monthly fees to “fix” their credit?

I had a great conversation with Dawn McCraw , owner of, and she educated me somewhat on what her firm does differently than the others.  Basically they don’t charge a monthly fee because they have 2 in house attorneys that fight with creditors directly on behalf of their clients to permanently fix the credit problem and they charge a flat fee depending on the items that need to be negotiated to have removed.

With that said, what the companies do that charge a monthly fee are doing nothing more than what someone can do themselves- which is dispute with the 3 bureaus erroneous information.  If you’ve had a Short Sale, its really important to do this afterwards to ensure that the banks reported accurately to the bureaus, as we’ve seen some of our past clients have to do some disputing in order to be able to buy a home again.

Regardless- knowing what’s on your report and checking on it at least once a year is VERY important since our Credit Report can impact so many aspects of our day to day lives.

CLICK HERE to get to the FTC website on the screen in my video.

You can get FREE (with no impact to your score) reports from ALL 3 BUREAUS 1 time a year & right online, by following the instructions, you can dispute ANYTHING you see that shouldn’t be on there.  They have 30 days to follow up and remove any item in dispute if they cannot validate it with the creditor.  So there is no need to pay anyone any money to do that for you when you can do it so easily yourself.

If you are still having issues or want to buy a home and know you need help- please don’t hesitate to call Rebecca directly for assistance- we are always happy to help however we can! 480-243-4242

I still have an upside down home- What should I do next?


Did you know that in the last 3 months, our local Real Estate market has seen a jump in prices by 15% overall? 

Have you asked yourself yet where that leaves you and your family?

Have you wondered if you can qualify to buy a *Home Again* today while the rates and prices are still so low?

Have you had a home that was upside down (or still own one) and did a Short Sale or had a Foreclosure in the past few years?

  • If you do still own a home today, should you keep it & rent it out or sell it?
  • How much could you rent it for?
  • How much could you sell it for?
  • Would it be a Short Sale?
  • Would you qualify for incentive money to do a Short Sale?
  • Should you short sale it today and rent your next home or can you buy now still right after having done a short sale?
  • When will it be worth what you owe on it again?
  • Should you just stay in your current home? Refinance it? Apply for a Loan Mod? Harp 2.0? Principal Reduction? Remodel? Do nothing and keep making your current mortgage payments?

What’s the best solution for you?

Everyone’s situation is a little different- Just CALL 480-243-4242 to get YOUR answers from professionals who care! We have a team of professionals that we partner with which include: Mortgage prequalification and credit advice, Real Estate Lawyers- Legal consultations & discounted negotiation services,  Property Management with discounted services as well!


Hidalgo_Rebecca yard sign

It’s starting to get easier to BUY a home again!

Have you or someone you know been out shopping for a home lately and had horror stories of multiple offers and a frustrating frenzy causing some folks to give up trying to buy a home?  Good News- It’s getting better out there right now! I’m not saying the “good” ones don’t still go fast, but our supply of inventory is on the rise- which will make it easier for the Buyers out there to be a little more discerning when it comes to selecting their next home.

The chart below represents the # of months worth of homes available for purchase in the City of Chandler during years 2012 vs 2008 vs 2004.

Chandler Stats

The reason I chose those years in particular to compare to our current inventory levels is because 2004 was when the “liar loans” came into existence and blew the doors open on the demand for housing.  It was due to the fact that so many more people could all of a sudden qualify to purchase a home with little or no $ down, which drove the prices up.

2012 and 2004 started out with almost exactly the same amount of inventory for the first quarter- the difference being that in 2004 the inventory continued to drop to an all time low of less than 1 month, where in 2012, we have been on a slight increase of our inventory since mid June of this year. 

A happy place for Supply Vs. Demand for our local market is a 4-5 month inventory supply and we very well may be on the path to getting there if it continues on the rise as it’s been the last 2 months.

Compare that to 2008, right as the Foreclosure crisis started to hit us here locally and Short Sales began to make an impact (due to the Mortgage Forgiveness Act getting signed by Bush at the tail end of 2007) when at our peak, we had 18 MONTHS of inventory flooding our market that shot prices down exponentially.

This month, REO (lender owned/foreclosures) homes have dropped to a record low level just below 14% of our market, that is the first time we’ve seen that happen since January of 2008.  At the PEAK of our Local Foreclosure Crisis (just 1 year later) in February of 2009, REO homes constituted 71% of our available inventory in our marketplace (In that 1 year alone, it jumped by 57%!).

Some more interesting stats (complements of the Cromford Report) just released are:

  • Active listings are down by 34% from this time last year
  • Monthly sales are down by 18%
  • Average sales price is up 23%
  • Median price has also jumped by 33% (from $109,000 to $145,000)

The LAW of Supply and Demand at it’s finest!

Those Sellers out there that have been waiting for prices to rise before they put their home on the market may want to pay attention and hurry to get theirs out there while it’s still a Sellers market!  It may quickly become a Buyers Market again if our supply continues to rise making it easier for Buyers to get good deals- without being in those infamous bidding wars. 

If you or someone you know needs the help of a Professional Experienced Real Estate Company, please call us for help at 480-243-4242 or click get started here and we’ll be happy to help however we can!


Are you considering a “Strategic Default”?

Strategic Defaults


Not sure what to do with your current home you are upside down on?

Should you rent it?  Should you Short Sale it? Is it even upside down any more since the prices have been on the rise the last 6 months?

Worried about the Mortgage Forgiveness Act expiring?

You see how low the rates are today and wish you could buy a home? Well, Maybe you can…

See this Brochure for more info regarding the “Home Again” program through our partners at Academy Mortgage, the law firm of Mack, Drucker, & Watson, and First Sonoran Property Management.

We definitely believe it’s imperative to get the proper advice and have sought long and hard to find the right professionals in their own respective fields to counsel our clients down the right road with regards to Real Estate in today’s very complicated market.

Please call us at 480-658-0265 or click here to get started  and have all of your questions answered by the right people!

short sale

Chase Short Sales in Arizona *UPDATE*

I’ve posted a couple of blogs in the past on JPMorgan Chase Short Sales, one on their List Assist Program and another on Chase Short Sales in general.

Since things are constantly changing at the Banks regarding Short Sales, we decided it was time to give our viewers an update regarding Chase Short Sales and how they’ve been doing this past year.

If you or someone you care about is possibly interested in applying for a Short Sale with Chase, please be sure to call us at 480-696-5800 or click here to get started.  We work with them often and there is Chase Specific Paperwork that will need to be completed for them.  You can download it here if you need it.

short sale

Well Fargo Short Sales in Arizona*UPDATE*


Last year we did post a blog on Wells Fargo/Wachovia Short Sales and things have changed some, so we felt it would be beneficial to post an Update on how things have been going with them lately.

If you are interested, you can click here to see what we had to say about them last year this time….

In the past, they have been one of our favorites to work with and sure hope to be able to say that again very soon.  Wachovia still offers financial incentives to do Short Sales on average of $3000, depending on the borrowers hardship.

If you have a Wells Fargo or Wachovia loan and want to discuss your personal situation and find out if Short Sale is right for you, please click here or call us at 480-696-5800. We are always happy to help!


What is considered an “Acceptable Hardship”?

It seems that documenting a hardship is one of the major issues we contend with for our clients during the Short Sale approval process.  Writing the letter of Hardship for your Short Sale application is a crucial piece of the puzzle and must be done with thought and care in order to get the best results in the end for a Short Sale approval.

Not having a hardship per se doesn’t automatically keep someone from getting approved to do a Short Sale, but it will impact the final outcome and whether or not the bank will be looking towards the homeowner to contribute to their loss versus awarding them incentive money to move forward with a short sale versus having a foreclosure on their record.  Here’s a link to an article that also speaks of Hardships with a list a commonly accepted reasons for Hardship.

We have in fact helped clients close escrow on their Short Sales and turn around a purchase a new home right afterwards, it can be done in some cases but requires good negotiations based on a financial settlement offer rather than focusing on a Borrower’s Hardship.  (click link here for article)

Everyone’s financial picture is different, so no matter your personal situation- it’s worth consulting with us specifically on your situation if you are still upside down on your home.  Not sure if you are- use our calculator here free!

Please click to get started here or call us anytime at 480-696-5800.

short sale

Bank of America Short Sale *UPDATE*

Click here to watch Last years video update on Bank of America, some things have been changing over there and all good from our experiences working with them this past year.

Recently, Bank of America has been making big news- see the article just posted today Link to Article regarding incentive money.

On May 15, click the following link to read an email we received from Bank of America regarding the incentive money.

So long story short, if you are one of many who are still in a home that is worth less than you owe and you make your payments to Bank of America, now very well may be the time to apply for a Short Sale with them.

Here’s the paperwork we need in order to help you get started with selling your home BANK OF AMERICA PAPERWORK.

Please call 480-696-5800 or click here if you would prefer to speak with someone first to answer whatever questions you may have about the “Process”. We are here to help you or someone you know get through it as easily and quickly as possible.  We’ve helped countless numbers of families with Bank of America and don’t plan to stop anytime soon!


Mortgage Forgiveness Act set to expire end of 2012

We think it should get extended for the second time, but we can’t say for sure.

Here’s the link to the IRS website is case you aren’t exactly sure what it is.

Are you in a home now that is upside down in value?  Have you been “on the fence” about short selling or foreclosing and don’t know which would be best &/or when?

In 2007, it was one of the last things Bush signed and it blew open the doors for Short Sales because before then people had to pay taxes on the “Phantom Income” they received from their creditors (IRS Form 1099 C).

Until the end of this year, it’s still in effect.

We do expect it will be extended again, but probably not until the last hour like in 2010 when President Obama had extended it for another 2 years.

We do expect it will cause delays in the last half of this year for short sales in general because of the “rush” of people who will want to short sell their home they are upside down in before it’s they think it’s too late.

We do think it’s a good idea to talk to someone now just in case it doesn’t get extended. But again, we do feel strongly that it should.

Please call at 480-696-5800 OR Click here and get started online if you think you are ready to explore your short sale options.


Metro Phoenix Area #2 “TURN AROUND CITY”

Year-over-year Median List Price Appreciation: 15.38%
Year-over-year Median Age of Inventory: -27.47%
Year-over-year Inventory: -48.10%
Unemployment Rate (November): 7.7%
Search/Listing Ratio Rank: 7

Photo: Panoramic Images | Getty Images- CLICK PHOTO FOR LINK TO COMPLETE STORY

The other area on this list that’s not in Florida is the Phoenix-Mesa area in Arizona. It used to reside at the number four spot, but jumped ahead two notches between the third and fourth quarters of 2011. This area experienced more than its fair share of foreclosures, and one in every 317 homes still goes into foreclosure. However, the foreclosed homes on the market are being sold at bargain prices, which has caused a 27.47 percent decrease in the median age of inventory.

The city’s unemployment rate in November was 7.7 percent, better than the national average, which can only help boost the local economy. Real estate broker Christy Walker has an optimistic forecast. "The Phoenix market has experienced a positive change in the past year and is poised to continue rebounding throughout 2012," she says. "Employment is up, foreclosures have dropped significantly, investor sales are substantial and our inventory is hovering around a three-month supply with increasing demand."

If you ask any Buyer shopping for homes today, they will tell you it’s a dog eat dog world beating the pavements trying to find a “good” home at a “good” deal.  We are seeing multiple offer bidding wars; offers being placed on homes “site unseen” to try to beat the masses.

There is a Supply shortage out there with only 16,592 homes showing active in our local ARMLS as of this morning, when a year ago the number was more than double that!?!  We love our Investors who are coming from Canada, Hawaii, Australia and other parts of the world buying up everything they can at our rock bottom price HOWEVER it’s been very challenging for the local families trying to break back into the market again after a Short Sale or Foreclosure as a result since most investors are offering cash and quick closes.

OUR ADVICE?: Work with a knowledgeable Real Estate Company with experience and HAVE PATIENCE!  Start searching for homes HERE and please let us know if you or someone you know needs help navigating through our ever changing Real Estate Market!


“Home Again” after a Short Sale

Thanks to the Mortgage Forgiveness Act of 2007, Signed by Bush (Set to expire end of 2012)- SHORT SALES EXPLODED across the Nation as we saw home value plummet after 2006.  Long Story short, until then, the Phantom Income written off by the banks after a Foreclosure or Short Sale was considered taxable income. Today (for now), the Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007 generally allows taxpayers to exclude income from the discharge of debt on their principal residence. (See link for more details) We do expect a rush towards the second half of this year on Short Sales if the current administration in office does not extend the Act; which could cause even more delays in the Short Sale process due the the increased volumes the banks may be dealing with.  But with that said…

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than being able to help a family out from under a home they are upside down on and can not afford any longer, into their next home.  With today’s crazy low interest rates and sales prices, now really is the time to buy.  It’s usually much more affordable than renting and the key is the right counseling up front so that sooner than later, you too can be back in the buyer market again after either a Short Sale or Foreclosure.

Some can buy a “Home Again” right away, some take 2-3 years for their credit to re-coup enough in order to do so.  We partner with Ryan Nelson of Academy Mortgage right up front at time of Short Sale application so we can game plan the right solution for you and your family right from the beginning of the Short Sale process.  This helps to ensure we get you into your own “home again” as soon as possible.

Please call our office at 480-243-4242 to get started or Click HERE


Was one of your New Year Resolutions to…. ???

Seems the whole world at the end of any given year going into the next makes New Years’ Resolutions and Goals of things they’d like to do in the following year.

For me, to be a better Mom and Wife and take better care of my health… pretty boring stuff- somewhat the norm- I do also want to buy a home again myself as my own waiting period of 3 years after a Short Sale or Foreclosure is coming around already and I figured I probably wasn’t the only one.  Since 2007, with the help from my team, we’ve helped over 300 families either Short Sale their home OR buy a home and we’d love to do the very same for you or someone you know that may need our help. If you are one of our past clients, the timing may be right for you this year to buy again too?

IF SHORT SALE is something you’ve been putting off- PLEASE DO NOT put off any longer- as it stands now, The MORTGAGE FOREGIVENESS ACT OF 2007 signed by Bush is set to expire at the end of this year.  Short sales can take 3-6 months on average.  If this does not get extended soon, I predict that we are going to have a rush of Short Sales towards the second half of this year which may cause additional “traffic jams” with the lenders. Some folks trying to do a Short Sale in 2012 may miss the boat entirely for the forgiveness of the “Phantom Income” that the banks issue via 1099s at the end of each year from their losses on distressed loans. DON’T let this happen to you or someone you know! Click Here to get started with the Short Sale Process

On the flip side, it’s never been a better time to buy- RATES are @ 4% and sales prices lower than I’ve seen in most of my nearly 20 year career in Real Estate.  Click Here to see the in depth Power Point Presentation from Mike Orr of the Cromford Report with very interesting statistics on our current market and what it’s done the last couple of years.

Either way- we are here to serve! Please feel free to call us anytime at 480-243-4242 for help achieving your Real Estate Goals!

th (1)

Upside down on your house?

Please feel free to use our free new Short Sale or Stay Calculator, click here OR go to tab under TOOLS on our website tool bar ------>>

It will tell you instantly what it’s current value is and predicts under different appreciation rates how long before your home will be worth what is owed again and at what cost to you.

It’s a great tool to help people make that very difficult decision- Do we STAY in our home or do we GO?

We are also here to help you make that decision; you can click here to get started with a personalized application and Rebecca and her team will get back to you with a personalized Report and FREE consultation.

We know how hard this decision is and are here for you and your loved ones. You can always call Rebecca directly at 602.463.2978 to ask her any questions related to Short Sales.

KFNX News Talk Radio 1100- This week- Rebecca Hidalgo is a guest speaker



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If you or anyone you know is in need of help, found themselves upside down on their home and they may or may not be able to still make their mortgage payments- have them call 480-243-4242 for a free personal consultation OR click here to get started.

New Listings this week- already have lots of interest- Contact us before they are gone!


Great LOCATION and Neighborhood amenities; RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO GREENBELT AND POOL- why deal with a yard to maintain when you have the best of both worlds? This is a perfect sized home for a family or roommates with very good sized secondary bedrooms and huge loft upstairs. Very well taken care of, not your average short sale- will go quick- very nicely decorated. In ceiling surround sound speakers will stay. Two toned paint and accent walls throughout. Windows also energy efficient for better cost savings on utilities.

Full Details




5 bed, 3.5 bath Mesa home for sale. Asking $350,000. CALL 480-243-4242 TO SET A PRIVATE APPOINTMENT TO SEE INSIDE!

Full Details


Listing Courtesy of Rebecca Hidalgo, Integrity All Star Realty, LLC

th (2)

West Valley GEM FOR SALE- Former model home for a fraction of the original price- hurry before it’s gone!

Former Camelot MODEL HOME Available! Located in the gated golf community of Cortile at Palm Valley, this French Country beauty is LOADED with superior features and upgrades. GOURMET kitchen is a chef's delight with gorgeous cabinetry, fixtures & Island. STUNNING MASTER SUITE is your spa-like retreat! Unique floor plan includes a game room - all just waiting for you to call it home! Sellers are relocating, their loss is your gain.  One of a kind!

Full Details

Listing Courtesy of Rebecca Hidalgo, Integrity All Star Realty, LLC

maricopa arizona

Listing deal of the day! Maricopa,AZ – just $43 per sqft!?

Great investment opportunity. 3 bedroom 2.5 bathroom home with loft. Tile in all the right places. This home comes with Refrigerator, Washer and Dryer.

Full Details

Listing Courtesy of Rebecca Hidalgo, Integrity All Star Realty, LLC

short sales

Citimortgage Short Sales in Arizona

We’ve been asked to do a series of short video clips regarding our experiences with the different Lenders that we commonly work with on behalf of our clients to get their Short Sales approved.  Today’s video is on Citimortgage.

If you have a home and Citimortgage is the Servicer and you are considering selling your home as a Short Sale, please watch this video for more information.  You can also call us directly at 480-243-4242 OR fill our our short Questionnaire online here and we will contact you right away to help you get started.

We’ve now done videos on Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, GMAC, and Citi.  If we didn’t mention your lender, please call us directly and we are happy to share with you our experiences with your lender.  After 150+ successfully closed Short Sales, our team rarely comes across one we have not worked with yet.

chandler arizona

Listing of the Day! Chandler, AZ- single level across from City Pool, Park and School- Perfect Investment!

WOW!! DON'T MISS THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO BUY A GREAT HOME IN EXCELLENT CHANDLER LOCATION**VAULTED CEILINGS** BLOCK FIREPLACE** NICE SIZE MASTER*** LARGE 2ND B/R** LARGE CORNER LOT.  Seller will be repainting and carpeting this home to have turnkey ready within the next 2 weeks.

Full Details

Listing Courtesy of Rebecca Hidalgo, Integrity All Star Realty, LLC

short sales

GMAC Short Sales- Why we love them!

We’ve been asked to do a series of short video clips regarding our experiences with the different Lenders that we commonly work with on behalf of our clients to get their Short Sales approved.  Today’s video is on GMAC. We’ll be sure to post Citimortgage next, so stay tuned.

If you have a home and GMAC is the Servicer and you are considering selling your home as a Short Sale, please watch this video for more information.  You can also call us directly at 480-243-4242 OR fill our our short Questionnaire online here and we will contact you right away to help you get started.

glendale arizona

Listing of the Day- Glendale, Arizona- Great Home on nearly an ACRE lot with a HUGE pool- get it before it’s gone……

Don't let this one get away. This large 4 bedroom 3.5 bath home sets on a 36000 sq ft lot. Fenced swimming pool and spa. RV Gate, Large wooden deck off master bedroom over looking pool. Large spare bedrooms. This is a must see home.

Full Details

Listing Courtesy of Rebecca Hidalgo, Integrity All Star Realty, LLC

short sales

Chase Short Sales in Arizona (also WAMU & LPBS)


We’ve been asked to do a series of short video clips regarding our experiences with the different Lenders that we commonly work with on behalf of our clients to get their Short Sales approved.  Today’s video is on Chase Mortgage. We’ll be sure to post GMAC next, so stay tuned.

If you have a home and Chase, Washington Mutual (WAMU), or LPBS is the Servicer and you are considering selling your home as a Short Sale, please watch this video for more information.  You can also call us directly at 480-243-4242 OR fill our our short Questionaire online here and we will contact you right away to help you get started.

gilbert arizona

Listing deal of the day! Already approved Fannie Mae Short Sale in Gilbert, Arizona!


Full Details

Listing Courtesy of Dena Jones, Integrity All Star Realty, LLC

short sales

Wells Fargo Short Sales in Arizona

We’ve been asked to do a series of short video clips regarding our experiences with the different Lenders that we commonly work with on behalf of our clients to get their Short Sales approved.  Today’s video is on Wells Fargo, We’ll be sure to post Chase next, so stay tuned.

If you have a home and Wells Fargo or Wachovia is the Servicer and you are considering selling your home as a Short Sale, please watch this video for more information.  You can also call us directly at 480-243-4242 OR fill our our short Questionaire online here and we will contact you right away to help you get started.

short sales

Bank of America Short Sales, FHA, & the Equator System

We’ve been asked to do a series of short video clips regarding our experiences with the different Lenders that we commonly work with on behalf of our clients to get their Short Sales approved.  We decided to start with the video on Bank of America as it seems they are one of the biggest.  Tomorrow we will post the video on Well Fargo, so stay tuned.

If you have a home and Bank of America is the Servicer and you are considering selling your home as a Short Sale, please watch this video for more information.  You can also call us directly at 480-243-4242 OR fill our our short Questionaire online here and we will contact you right away to help you get started.

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Deal of the Day! South Chandler, AZ- Shea Home in Old Stone Ranch loaded with Upgrades!

APPROVED SHORT SALE!!! NO WAITING FOR AN ANSWER FOR THIS ONE! Old Stone Ranch Lake community by Shea Homes.4 bedrooms++loft and 3 bathrooms,medium maple cabinets, stainless appliances, gorgeous granite countertops, upgraded flooring, 3 car tandem garage, gas fire place, outside BBQ island,too many options not to take a look at.. Builders base prices higher and doesn't include all of the upgrades or Front/Back Landscaping this home has- It's a bargain!

Full Details

Listing Courtesy of Rebecca Hidalgo, Integrity All Star Realty, LLC


Chase’s List Assist Program paying people up to $20,000 to do a Short Sale???

It’s true- they are sending letters like these out to their customers who’ve missed at least a payment and are considered at high risk for default. Here’s a copy of one that went out to a borrower if you are curious to see what they look like. “Chase is pushing to put Foreclosure out of business” according to Cameron Maye of Chase Bank.  They are expediting the process and about 1 out of 4 borrowers may qualify to receive this incentive.  Call us at 480-243-4242 and we will help you find out if you are one of the lucky ones!

“Will I still owe $ if I do a Short Sale”


This has got to be one of the most commonly asked questions we get when someone is considering doing a short sale.  The answer is complicated and depends on each individual’s situation.  I had a few of my clients call me after seeing/reading the following article- click here to read: Article in AZ Central regarding people owing $ after a short sale

The following questions help us give people answers on what to expect if they are going to apply to do a short sale- see here: Answer a couple -’s here to see if we can help you

fntshortsaleguide1-001Once we know whether the loan(s) in question were used to buy the home; or cash was taken out and used for other things- we can usually point our clients in the right direction to consult with other professionals depending on their concerns.  We always recommend talking to attorneys and/or accountants since everyone’s situations are so unique.  We are lucky that we are in Arizona, because our laws here offer protections against judgments from the banks in many cases- whereas in other states, there are no legal protections regardless if the loan was used just on the home or not.

The biggest thing we can do to help is make sure in the end, that our clients have read and understood the terms of their approvals to do a short sale so that there are no surprises down the road.  Please call us to discuss your personal situation; we offer no cost consultations free of any obligations- 480-243-4242.

market trends

Housing and Mortgage Predictions for 2011

Predicting mortgage and housing


With 2010 com­ing to a close, the “experts” are out in full force, mak­ing pre­dic­tions for next year’s hous­ing and mort­gage mar­kets on busi­ness tele­vi­sion and in the papers.

Pre­dic­tions for 2011 are wide-ranging:

The prob­lem with hous­ing and mort­gage pre­dic­tions is that — like all pre­dic­tions — they’re just edu­cated guesses about the future. Nobody knows what will really hap­pen with the hous­ing and mort­gage mar­kets in 2011. All any­one can do is the­o­rize. As layper­sons, though, it can be hard to sep­a­rate the­ory from fact.

Tele­vi­sion can make that task even more dif­fi­cult at times.

As an exam­ple, when a well-dressed econ­o­mist goes on CNBC and presents a clear, suc­cinct argu­ment for why home prices will fall on 2011, we’re inclined to believe the analy­sis and con­clu­sion. After all, the out­come seems plau­si­ble out­come given the facts. But then, imme­di­ately after, a dif­fer­ent econ­o­mist presents an oppo­site argu­ment — that home prices will rise in 2011 – and her analy­sis seems sound, too.

Even Fred­die Mac can’t see the future.

Last year, the gov­ern­ment group pre­dicted mort­gage rates to 6 per­cent in 2010. That never hap­pened, of course. Instead, con­form­ing mort­gage rates dropped over a 7-month period this year to lev­els best be described as “his­toric”.  Fred­die Mac couldn’t have been more wrong.

So, what’s a home­owner to believe?

About the only thing that’s cer­tain right now is that mort­gage rates remain low by his­tor­i­cal stan­dards, and that home prices do, too. Also, that both hous­ing and mort­gage mar­kets appear to be rid­ing momen­tum higher into 2011.  This sug­gests that it will be more expen­sive to buy and finance a home by the end of 2011.

Until that time, how­ever, pre­dic­tions are just guesses.

(Article above posted on several blogs and websites as of 12/29/10— original source unknown)


In my opinion; after the roller coaster rides of 2008 through 2010 (government intervention impacted supply and demand)- we will see 2011 still riddled with foreclosures however the market did hit a second bottom locally 10/10/10 according to The Cromford Report (first one was 4/6/09).

I personally expect it to remain relatively flat since I am currently selling homes at or below pricing of when I started in the Real Estate business nearly 18 years ago- there just isn’t much more lower it can go and as the economy in general recovers, prices will slowly increase- that is for certain!  (That’s just an educated guess based on the article above- lol )

With that said; many buyers have sat on the fence waiting to see what will happen next year before they do anything.  Unfortunately we won’t know for sure when we’ve started a permanent “recovery” until after prices do increase, meaning those waiting for certain indications will actually miss the bottom and purchase when the prices have already increased.  There are a lot of great “deals” out there TODAY when one really looks, they’ll come to the conclusion that it’s a great time to invest or “move up” into that home one could not have afforded 5 years ago.  There’s also something to be said for the enjoyment your own home brings and pride of ownership.

For Sellers who are upside down and either purchased or refi’d in years 2004-2008; unless the banks actually start reducing principal balances on debts owed- a strong consideration should be made with regards to doing a short sale today in order to get out from under that house.  If the market ever returns to the record high in 2005, it’s unlikely it’ll be anytime soon.  Most likely, it will be several years down the road before those homes could ever be worth the same values again that we saw before.  Why keep throwing “bad” money in after “bad” money in the meantime?  If you haven’t gotten behind in your payments yet, we’ve helped clients successfully sell short and immediately repurchase today (it’s actually possible to do a short sale and not damage your credit, just ask us how!).

For Buyers; Rates are still in the 5’s and prices at record lows; you cannot go wrong with purchasing a home today if you can qualify for a mortgage loan OR have cash on hand (calling all investors)!  For current renters; it’s a no brainer- with the tax advantage of home ownership and the net effective house payment vs. rent comparison- renters can live in much nicer homes today for the same or less money monthly than they can renting.  Click here to read more…

Click here to get started OR call 480-243-4242 and we will gladly help you navigate through all of this confusion and help you achieve your and your family’s Real Estate GOALS for 2011- just let us know what you need and we’ll be there for you, your family and/or friends!  We are never too busy for your referrals and greatly appreciate our past clients passing the word about us on to others.

short sales suck

Short Sales S*&k; What sets US apart & Why we do them for our clients.

Short sales are challenging– we know!

· The rules of the game are always changing

· Banks give bad advice

· Buyers bail; get tired of waiting for an answer on their offer

· The short sale process can take what feels like forever, and sometimes it does- especially when someone else does them…


We started doing them when the market started to decline in 2007 and the “Mortgage Forgiveness Act” made it more feasible; not to mention people who we sold homes to started coming to us asking us to help them get out from under the home we’d help them purchase.

We saw THE need and we decided to meet IT.  Hopefully our market will recover in the somewhat near future and short sales will not be our market.  If we help people today in a market when there are so many people that need help;  we hope that they will refer their friends and family to us and we can truly become their preferred “Realtors for Life”.

What sets us apart???

  • We are the “Goldilocks Team”! We are not too big and not too small and we didn’t just start doing short sales yesterday-unlike so many of the other realtors out there that claim to be the experts.
  • We are a more of a boutique brokerage which takes a hands-on approach to customer service.
  • Solo agents typically cannot handle negotiations themselves  and do a good job at a high volume; many outsource them to title companies or attorneys (which you usually have to pay for).
  • Mega teams often times lose touch and do not have consistent communication directly with their clients.
  • We intentionally have a hands-on approach to handling every single transaction internally. Our full time team negotiator and admin manager allow us to accomplish this!

We don’t give up!

  • Persistence – we don’t take no for an answer from the banks. We continue to ask for help through the banks corporate systems until we get someone to help us. This is due in part to our Negotiators 21 yrs in banking industry- she knows their lingo and how to operate with them. She only works for OUR team and OUR clients!
  • So many times throughout the process our clients give up and they feel defeated. We don’t give up at all on them and we exhaust all measures to fight for them (even when they’ve already given up).

We can relate to your pain…

  • We’ve literally lost sleep when we have a house scheduled for trustee sale and continue to fight to get them postponed until the day of, we never give up!
  • We have either empathy/sympathy for our client’s situation– everyone from our team has been touched by this market directly; either having to do a short sale themselves or for a close friend or family member.
  • Therefore; we are never too busy to pick up the phone to update our clients on their files or just to listen to them vent. We understand! (Even if we’ve spoken with them several times already that day)


  • Over 75% of our current transactions are referrals from past clients. We always follow up with customer surveys after the sale or purchase of their home because we are always trying to improve our service.
  • We really do care about our clients and they will tell you the same!  I had one tell me the other day that we spoil them with our response time and there was no comparison with his last Realtor, that he fired.  Those kind of compliments keep us going strong.

Call us today @ 480-243-4242 to get your questions answered confidentially with compassion or click here to get started now.

Jeff Underwood and Rebecca Hidalgo discuss Short Sales on Blog Talk Radio- The Ugly Truth about Money

Listen to internet radio with Jeff Underwood on Blog Talk Radio


Click on the picture to hear the episode- many important topics are covered including:

  • Foreclosure VS Trustee Sale
  • Mortgage VS Deed of Trust
  • Arizona being an Anti-Deficiency State
  • Loan Modifications
  • Being Pro-Active on doing a Short Sale so as not to damage your credit

Did you know, you don’t have to “GO LATE” to do a Short Sale???


(Check out the Visual Show of Josh’s new house HERE!)


  • The misconception is due in large part to many servicers over the last couple of years telling borrowers if they wanted to do a loan modification or short sale, to have their file looked at, they had to be delinquent.  NOT TRUE ANYMORE for most servicers/investors. 
  • Depending on someone’s financial situation; they may not even have to contribute to the banks loss.  Some cases yes.
  • Josh’s FICO score was barely impacted at all by his short sale and before he closed, the underwriter for his new loan received his approval letter and approved him for the new loan because the approval letter he had was with “FULL FOREGIVENESS LANGUAGE” of his unpaid debt.
  • Josh closed 2 weeks ago and had let the previous homeowners rent for a couple of weeks, so he actually walked in the door to a check waiting for him.

Josh’s story is one of true success.  He retained his great credit; got out from under a home that was UPSIDE DOWN; took advantage of today’s great prices and rates (4.5% interest fixed for 30yrs).  So he ended up with a larger home with a pool closer into town for LESS than what his old mortgage payment was. 


Of course if you are late on your mortgage payment, you can still do a Short Sale and buy a home again; but it’s a minimum of 2-3 yr waiting period at this time and lending guidelines are constantly changing.  (If staying current is an option still, call us right away at 480-243-4242 or click the link above to get started in case FHA changes their guidelines down the road.)


So what in the world has been going on lately??? Foreclosures are on the rise, seems we are experiencing that dreaded “double dip” which is keeping buyers on fences and investors out of our market- what has to happen before that turns around?  We should see first where we were before we try to figure out where we are going next…


Based on the graph provided by The Cromford Report (please click photo for full articles from Mike Orr explaining our current market as well) :

  • During the peak of our marketplace in 2005, we had seen annual appreciation rates from 16% up to close to 50%.
  • During 2008; we saw a steady decline from just below 0% declining down to below –40%.
  • During 2009; we saw our market do the exact opposite and have a steady appreciation throughout the year climbing us almost entirely out of the declining market.
  • During 2010; “The Year of Hope” as dubbed by Mike Orr in January 2010; we saw our market have a huge increase in appreciation due to the Obama Tax Credit for Home Buyers.  Unfortunately we now see that was an artificial demand and since it’s expiration, we’ve seen yet another decline and we are now back in the negative as of late August.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have also stopped granting postponements to their borrowers in default working out either loan modifications or short sales, which is increasing our supply of Foreclosure Inventory. Seems contradictory to what our marketplace needs in order to recover.

Interest rates are still in their lowest in years- but there seems to be so much fear out there right now as a result of the lumps and bruises we’ve endured the last few years, those people in a position to purchase seem to be holding out to make sure that pricing isn’t going down further.  Seems the last month we’ve stabilized and we are naturally correcting ourselves; but we do need to have our investors back in our marketplace to drive up demand again.  The job market still seems strong in Arizona, which definitely helps. 

Back before the craziness of 2004-2005; the average appreciation in Phoenix area had always been about 6% since the time I started in Real Estate in the early nineties.  Much of that has a lot to do with the continued job growth overall in Arizona, cost of living and quality of life with our great weather.  It’s just a matter of time before we get back to the normal 6% appreciation; especially as those borrowers re-enter our marketplace that lost their home to short sale or foreclosure in 2006/7—they are already candidates to purchase again.  By next year, the demand will increase just to that because a huge percentage of homes lost went in 08/9.

For those of you hanging on to your homes because you are afraid to Short Sale and damage your credit; we are seeing more and more people get approved to Short Sale and repurchase immediately as long as they stay current on their mortgages, so they can take advantages of today’s low low rates and low low prices.


DENA JONES – What does she do for her clients?

Watch video so you can learn more about Dena and what she does to help our clients of the Integrity All Star Team.

ALSO, Please find Dena on Facebook and like her Fan Page when its goes live!

Do you want to avoid a stressful foreclosure and leave your home gracefully?

We help homeowners just like you and your friends who may be in a position where you think you owe more than your home is worth or you cannot afford to make your mortgage payments anymore or you just want to know what options are available to you.

There are many reasons homeowners choose to do a short sale:

  1. They recognize that to get the help they need is completely overwhelming and disheartening. There is light at the end of the tunnel! We can help you navigate through the HUGE organizations such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo or Chase systems and get you results. Many times clients come to us after being denied a loan modification and super frustrated already by their processes.  We don’t give up on our clients and because of that we have a very high success rate!
  2. A short sale will give the seller some control over the process and a potential seller incentive for moving expenses. YES, that is right I said “SELLER INCENTIVE”. Not all short sale situations result in giving the seller incentives for moving expenses, but in some cases a seller can get up to $5000 for moving expenses. How do you know if you qualify? Call us let us help you determine if there are any programs out there that will help you move into the next chapter of your life.
  3. A short sale helps preserve a neighborhoods market values and reputation. 66% of all homes that sold in August were either short sales or bank owned homes. The national average home price of a short sale is $213,900, an REO is $184,300 and a damaged bank owned home is $113,900. Homes that are damaged are bringing down home values and making everyone’s property values suffer. What can you do about it? Maintain your home and call us to sell your home in a short sale before it is too late. It’s amazing how many people worry about impacting their neighbors when they decide to leave their home, which is totally normal.
  4. They want to help preserve their credit so they can buy a home again someday soon. Did you know that based on today’s current FNMA lending guidelines that a person can apply for a new home loan 2 years after they had a short payoff through a short sale and people who had a foreclosure need to wait 7 years. Lending guidelines are always changing, but as of today a person can apply for a short sale 2 years after their short sale has been closed. ACTUALLY,did you know if you are current on your mortgage payments, FHA will give you a new loan NOW with no waiting at all? Contact us today and we can explain how that works.

Foreclosure can be extremely stressful – let us help you gain some control over your situation by helping you with a short sale, click here to apply online with NO COST to you to find out if we can help.

A little about Rebecca & the Integrity All Star Team!

Please watch my video about us and “Like” our fan page on Facebook- We are always sharing pertinent Real Estate information PLUS events taking place in the area. Please share with anyone you know that is in need of our services.  Thank you!  Rebecca Hidalgo, Designated Broker/Owner- Integrity All Stars 

What are the Top 3 ?’s people ask when considering a Short Sale instead of a Foreclosure?

Rebecca Hidalgo sits with Corey Peterson of Kahuna Investments and discusses the most FAQ’s she sees when clients contact her for advice/consultation on doing a Short Sale.  (Corey is an investor and helps many people by buying their homes with cash for a quick close)

1. Do I have to be late on my mortgage payment(s)?

2. When can I buy again?

3/4. (tied) What are my tax obligations and can the bank come after me for the loss (deficiency)?

Watch the video and if you’d like to discuss your own situation with Rebecca, please fill out our quick online questionnaire about you and your home or call Rebecca @ 480-243-4242.




Here’s a link to the June Market report I wrote based on last month’s reports coming from Mike Orr of the Cromford Report.  If you want to get a better idea of what is going on in our market place today; I recommend reading both.  I’ve been full time in Real Estate since 1993 and I can definitely say we are on the road to recovery but we still have a long way before we get there.

Why hire us? If you need help in either selling or buying a home or know someone that does, please click here to get started or call us at 480-243-4242. 

HAFA Changes Effective August 1

Looks like I am going to have to eat my words from the blog I wrote back in April; & I am very happy to do so!

Reason being, the Government just recently announced that both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be participating in this program which was the main reason I and so many other professionals in my industry felt it was off target when it started back in April- looks like the government was listening however it may be too soon to see since it doesn’t start officially until August 1.  See for more information straight from their website.

Give me a call at 480-243-4242 if you want to find out if you will qualify for this Government program.

Metro Phoenix’s JUNE Real Estate Market Update

June Metro Phoenix Real Estate Sales

(Please click on photo above for a downloadable PDF of the article written by Mike Orr of the Cromford Report; bullet points listed below)

Last month; in Metro Phoenix’s Real Estate Market we saw the supply of REOs increased substantially, short sales were stable and normal listings declined in number:

  • REO listings grew 11% from 5,087 to 5,626 (Greater Phoenix, all types)
  • Short Sales / Pre-foreclosure listings grew 1% from 16183 to 16,347 (Greater Phoenix, all types)
  • Normal listings fell 5% from 18,123 to 17,226 (Greater Phoenix, all types)
  • Because sales pricing is higher than last year, we saw a more significant 8.6% jump in dollar volume which is good news for the optimists.
  • It seems likely that almost anyone who wants a "starter home" in 2010 and could get approved for a home loan has already purchased one before the Tax Credit expired at the end of April.
  • Overall we can say with confidence that the luxury market is now showing strong signs of improvement while the low end end of the market is weakening significantly. The weakness in lender-owned homes is particularly noticeable, with REO sales volume down 36% year on year. 
  • These annual charts are very slow to react to changes but confirm the bottom of the market is now over a year behind us.  The most important measures of real home pricing - the average price, median price and average $ per sq. ft. of homes that actually sell have been moving in a general upward direction for Greater Phoenix since April/May 2009.
  • New notices of trustee sale dropped another 8% from April, to the lowest monthly number (6,471) since July 2008. Trustee sales also dropped 8% to 4,090, the lowest total since November 2009. 
  • Nevertheless market distress remains very high and will dominate the market for at least the next two years. Short sales are becoming more significant as each month goes by, while lender-owned properties become gradually less so.
  • The market is still fragile and although it has stabilized over the last year, we must caution that in the last several days the Cromford Market Index has been falling fast due to weakening demand matched with a fairly strong and stable supply.
  • The biggest question we have right now:  Are the changes we have seen in the last month merely due to the end of the tax credit or are the result of more significant changes in the demand for housing??

Stay tuned for next months update and we hope to be able to answer that question for you.  In the meantime; if you’d like to discuss your particular situation with one of our very talented and experienced Realtors, please call us at 480-243-4242.

Are you embarrassed or scared? Don’t know where to turn for help?


  • Are you at risk of losing your job or have you already lost it?
  • Do you know where the money to pay your next mortgage payment is coming from?
  • Are you afraid of getting your family locked out of your own home by your bank? 
  • Do you know that 58% of the loan modifications that even do get approved, end up in foreclosure/default again within 4 months?
  • Did you know that in Chandler alone, 3 out of 5 homes on the market are considered “distressed” sales. (Either Short Sales or Bank Owned)

If you answered yes to any of these questions; please reach out to us for help now before it’s too late, click here to get started. 

We will gladly give you a compassionate & intelligent conversation when the time is right for you and your family!

IN THE MEANTIME; THERE ARE LEGAL RIGHTS THAT GIVE SOMEONE TIME STILL IN THE HOME AFTER A TRUSTEE SALE: Please read the following article AZ Republic: Eviction Adds to Pain of Home’s Foreclosure.  In this, Michelle Lind, general counsel for the Arizona Association of Realtors, explained how the state’s eviction laws work. "The buyer of a foreclosure home has to give the home’s former owner notice to move out," she said. "If after five days the former owner doesn’t move out, the new owner can file with the courts for a forcible eviction."

You do have rights and don’t have to be alone, call us at 480-243-4242 and we will do our best to help!



What is the default process?  I’m going to try to explain what the information on this chart means but… it is when someone starts getting behind on their mortgage payments and they are usually at least 3 months behind before the following occurs:

Basically, there are only 4 results that can happen when a person isn’t able to stay current on their mortgage payments:

    • NOTS= NOTICE OF TRUSTEE SALE is sent to the homeowner.  This notice gives them 90 days to do something otherwise the bank will try to sell them home at a Trustee Sale. (Please see resource tab of website for more information and a slide show re: what happens at Trustee Sales) Most lenders will either issue a postponement or a cancelation of the Trustee Sale (aka Foreclosure Proceeding) as long as someone contacts them and tries to work out an alternative solution.  Unfortunately the majority of homeowners facing this do nothing and put their heads in the proverbial sand and ultimately do lose their homes, which only adds to this crisis.
    • REINSTATEMENT OF LOAN= This means that the Lender will allow the borrower to add the missed payments to the end of the loan and allow them to become current under the original loan terms.  In this situation one normally needs to show that it was a one time problem that caused them being late.  It’s also commonly called a Forbearance.  For most this isn’t an option. 
    • LOAN ADJUSTMENT= By proving a hardship, one can request what is called a loan modification in hopes of getting the payments reduced to where they are affordable.  Financial information must be sent to the Lender with an application to be considered.  The government has stepped in and have some programs (HAMP and HAFA) intended to help those in need but in my opinion, they aren’t enough.  This process can be tedious and time consuming and many give up.  In some opinions, these are just temporary Band-Aids because to get principal reductions to what the current value is has not happened with anyone I have met or heard of .  The recent stats are that 58% that do get approved for these loan modifications end up in default again as well.  I had one client recently that fought with her Lender for a year and they extended her loan to 40 yrs and reduced her interest rate but changed the loan from an interest only and in the end it only reduced her payment $100, which wasn’t the help she had asked for.  Typically the Trustee sale is either cancelled or put on hold by the Lender during this process.
    • SHORT SALE= Default process is over because the borrower sells the home short with the Lender(s) approval.


There is another option called “Deed in Lieu” which is basically the homeowner giving the house back and is considered a Foreclosure without having to go thru the legal proceeding of a Trustee Sale.  If the home doesn’t sell to a private 3rd party (many investors pick up great bargains) at a Trustee Sale (aka Auction), then title goes back to the bank and they have to remarket the home.  That’s where the term REO (Real Estate Owned) comes from, sometimes called a Lender or Bank Owned Home.  Those homes get marketed normally on the MLS, here’s a link to the Bank Owned Homes in our area.

If you have any further questions about this process, feel free to call us at 480-243-4242 or go to our Get Started Tab and enter in your information so we can see if we can help you or someone you know who is in DEFAULT on their Mortgage payment(s). We do everything we can here to help those that need it!

Should I stay or should I go, by Jeff Underwood of Ugly Truth about


Jeff Underwood is asking whether this family should stay in their home and he has a poll on his website .  Last I checked, 75% had voted to move forward with a short sale.  In my humble opinion, this family needs to stop throwing in bad money after bad money and I voted to do a short sell right away. 

What I have found with my experience with all of the clients we’ve helped short sell their homes is that most people go through the 5 stages of loss when they are looking at their options with regards to their home. 

I did myself when I had 6 properties I was upside down on and needed to do something with- with 18k of monthly mortgage obligations and my 401k being eaten up, I finally accepted the fact that I was never going to recoup my money and to continue to drain my future retirement was insane.  I no longer own any of them and have started myself on the road to recovery and have a clean financial slate which feels really good to have all of them behind me now.

The 5 stages of Loss are:

1. Denial- It’s going to get better, right?  This can’t be happening to me!  My house has got to be worth more than what they say.

2. Anger- I can’t believe the neighbor just sold their house for half of what I paid for mine!?  How could they screw us like that?

3. Bargaining- If only the bank would let us do a loan modification and reduce our principle balance to what it’s worth; then our payment would be something we could afford….

4. Depression- The sadness and regret hit and this is when most aren’t making their payments because they just can’t any longer.

5. Acceptance- This is usually when we are able to successfully complete a short sale for one of our clients because they’ve realized that it’s in their best interest and are happy we are able to help.

Here at Integrity All Star Realty, we really do understand first hand the emotional roller coaster our clients experience with this process and if you would like to see if we can help you or someone you know, please complete the questionaire on our website and we will be in touch with you right away.

What we do for you when you hire us to Short Sell your home

Rachel Mitchell, Team Negotiator for Integrity All Star Realty, touches on what happens once you’ve listed your home with us to do a short sale- please see this link

What to expect with the Short Sale process with us which gives you a PDF you can download and save regarding the Short Sale Process, aka the Life Cycle of a Short Sale.

Rachel is referring in the video to our 1 page Questionaire which is part of the full application but also summarizes for us our prospective clients current situation and allows us to analyze very quickly if we indeed can help them with a short sale.  As always, if you have any questions, please contact us for more information!

HAFA HAFA HAFA…. what the heck IS HAFA?


(Click on the photo above for a downloadable PDF document that will be easier to read and printable)

What's HAFA mean to you? It actually may not mean much… unfortunately our government has good intentions but missed the mark in my opinion on this program that started on April 5, 2010. 

Perhaps a step in the right direction but… not worth getting too excited over unless they change a few major conditions!

The biggest issues are:

  • Only 4.5% of loans in default will qualify for it- that’s just 1 out of 22.5 families that are a minimum of 2 months behind on their mortgage MAY get help from this government sponsored program.
  • NONE of the major investors are participating- FANNIE MAE, FREDDIE MAC, FHA, VA are all NOT participating???
  • Seems misleading because if you go to this link at "Making Homes", it appears for appearances sake that just about every “Lender/Bank” (a.k.a. Servicer) IS participating. SO… What’s the deal? 
  • The deal is like most government programs that cost us tax payers BILLIONS of dollars.  It looks good in the media and creates a false sense that the big players are doing something to really help the little guys.

Why if the “Servicers” of the loans are participating but the majority of “Investors” are not IS there such hype out there right now??? …You can thank the media and the Government I suppose…

Why aren’t the investors on board to help???  …… drumroll please….. it’s because IF the investor accepts the government assistance they MUST agree to WAIVE their rights to pursue for a deficiency- in plain English that means they must agree not to go after and SUE the borrower for their loss afterwards! 

LUCKILY for us in Arizona, we have laws that do protect people in the majority of cases of such deficiency judgments- please go to our resource tab on this site for the links to our state laws or contact us for more details. 

We are happy to help you find out if you are one of the 1 in 22.5 families that MAY qualify for this HAFA program

If you don’t, don’t fret! We can and are happy to still help you navigate thru the “normal” Short Sale process and successfully sell your home and help you and your family get a clean slate financially on life.

The Integrity All Star Team is here to help you and anyone you know with their Real Estate needs.  Just let us know who you know that is considering giving their home back to their bank and we’ll gladly do everything we can to help them avoid Foreclosure.

Are you scared? Embarrassed? Don’t know where to turn for help?

  • Are you at risk of losing your job?
  • Do you know where the money to pay your next mortgage payment is coming from?
  • Are you afraid of getting your family locked out of your own home by your bank? 
  • Do you know that 58% of the loan modifications that even get approved, end up in foreclosure within 4 months?
  • Did you know that in Gilbert alone more than 3 out of 5 people, just like you, are either at risk or are already in a foreclosure situation?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please reach out to us for help now before it’s too late, click here to get started.  We will gladly give you a compassionate & intelligent conversation when the time is right for you and your family.

IN THE MEANTIME; THERE ARE LEGAL RIGHTS THAT GIVE SOMEONE TIME STILL IN THE HOME AFTER A TRUSTEE SALE: Please read the following article AZ Republic: Eviction Adds to Pain of Home’s Foreclosure.  In this, Michelle Lind, general counsel for the Arizona Association of Realtors, explained how the state's eviction laws work. "The buyer of a foreclosure home has to give the home's former owner notice to move out," she said. "If after five days the former owner doesn't move out, the new owner can file with the courts for a forcible eviction."

Did you know that in the City of Chandler: 62.7% of the current Real Estate Market in is Distress!? But it’s not all bad news, it depends which way you look at it and where you are…


What does this mean to you if you live in Chandler?

  • Of the homes currently active today:
    • 47.2% are Short Sales &/or Pre-Foreclosures listed for sale at an average price of $102.12 per sqft
    • 12.18% have already been Foreclosed and are “Lender Owned” (aka REO or Bank Owned) at an average price of $96.93 per sqft
    • 40.62% are normal listings, new term “Equity” sales and are asking an average price of $147.75
  • What actually sold last month (closed escrow) in Chandler:
    • 28.76% were Short Sales that closed at an average price of $99.58 per sqft
    • 37.17% were REO’s that closed at an average price of $96.93 per sqft
    • 34.07% were Regular listings that closed at an average price per sqft of $122.91

Seems that if you are wondering where your next mortgage payment is coming from, you aren’t alone. 

Banks are finally beginning to see that they lose more money with a Foreclosure where they have to take over a property and remarket it to get it off their books.  It makes more sense for them to work with people in distress by approving their short sales! 

Many banks are trying to streamline their processes and that is why we are beginning to see more and more people opt for doing a Short Sale rather than stick their head in the sand and wait for the bank to come take back their asset (your home) in a Trustee Sale. 

Many sellers are starting to come back out on the market again; but most need to reduce their prices to actually get their homes sold ($147 vs $122 per sqft). We are also seeing many investors purchasing distressed properties and flipping them for an immediate return on their investments.

Homes that aren’t in distress are still high in demand because:

  • The homes are typically better taken care of and aren’t “stripped” or trashed like so many of the pre/foreclosure homes are.
  • The buyer can avoid those headaches that the various Banks and Lenders out there give when it comes to negotiating price.
  • The buyer isn’t having to send in multiple offers and compete with others looking for a bargain.
  • Many buyers run out of time and patience to wait on the banks with the lengthiness of their current processes.

Are you interested in seeing what this graph looks like in your area?  If so, click here to get started.  If you let us know, we’ll send one to you for your area (this report can also be done by Zip Code).  All of this data is provided by Mike Orr of the Cromford Report.

Do you have a Wachovia loan and are upside down on your house? (if so, you are lucky)




FAQ'S for Wachovia's Fast Track Program

Wachovia bank is breaking through barriers to make avoiding foreclosure much easier for homeowners in need.

  • Instead of taking weeks or months, approvals can be issued within 48hrs with very little paperwork involved.
  • Meet in person directly with a Wachovia Representative to discuss your hardship.
  • In some serious cases, the Lender is offering cash at closing to make moving out easier for those in need.

If you are interested in finding if you can participate in this new exciting program click here to get started.