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HAFA HAFA HAFA…. what the heck IS HAFA?

(Click on the photo above for a downloadable PDF document that will be easier to read and printable) What's HAFA mean to you? It actually may not mean much… unfortunately our government has good intentions but missed the mark in my opinion on this program that started on April 5, 2010.  Perhaps a step in […]

HURRY, YOU ARE ALMOST OUT OF TIME- If you’ve even been just thinking about taking advantage of the IRS tax credit to buy a house- LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY, before it’s too late!!!

WE NEED TO FIND YOU A NEW HOME AND GET YOU UNDER CONTRACT BEFORE APRIL 30TH-  below is information directly from the IRS website, but here's the link for more FAQ's:,,id=206291,00.html.   Please contact us immediately to set an appointment to go find you your next home! First-Time Homebuyer Credit Questions and Answers: Basic Information […]


This chart was provided by Mike Orr of the Cromford Report and is his forecast for this upcoming year regarding our market. According to Mike, our market is finally “heading back to normality” after one enormous party in years 2003-2005 and one enormous hangover in years 2007-2009.  As previously quoted in past blogs, 2010 is […]

Calling all Cops, EMT’s, Firemen & Teachers- you don’t want to miss out on this!!!

HUD Homes "On Sale" if you are in the right profession!   Like we learned from Chris and Lanie Martin in our last segment, you can buy a HUD Home (that’s an FHA Foreclosure) with just $100 out of your pocket if you qualify for a new FHA loan. BUT IF YOU ARE A CIVIL […]

You can buy a house with just $100???

Here’s the link to give you more info on how to buy a HUD home, but to make it easier you can also contact us and we’ll help you navigate thru the process without a problem, just click here to get started. You also will want to get preapproved by a Mortgage Professional, if you […]

Are you scared? Embarrassed? Don’t know where to turn for help?

Are you at risk of losing your job? Do you know where the money to pay your next mortgage payment is coming from? Are you afraid of getting your family locked out of your own home by your bank?  Do you know that 58% of the loan modifications that even get approved, end up in […]

Did you know that in the City of Chandler: 62.7% of the current Real Estate Market in is Distress!? But it’s not all bad news, it depends which way you look at it and where you are…

What does this mean to you if you live in Chandler? Of the homes currently active today: 47.2% are Short Sales &/or Pre-Foreclosures listed for sale at an average price of $102.12 per sqft 12.18% have already been Foreclosed and are “Lender Owned” (aka REO or Bank Owned) at an average price of $96.93 per […]

Do you have a Wachovia loan and are upside down on your house? (if so, you are lucky)

  WACHOVIA'S FAST TRACK APPLICATION FAQ'S for Wachovia's Fast Track Program Wachovia bank is breaking through barriers to make avoiding foreclosure much easier for homeowners in need. Instead of taking weeks or months, approvals can be issued within 48hrs with very little paperwork involved. Meet in person directly with a Wachovia Representative to discuss your […]


  State Treasurer Dean Martin making moves to help people avoid foreclosure by putting a Short Sale Bill on the ballot. Having higher education requirements for Realtors to help streamline the system. (We are already PSC and CDPE certified at Integrity All Stars) Banking side is overwhelmed which can cause unnecessary delays. Arizona State Taskforce […]

Ever Wonder What Happens at a “Trustee Sale”?

Recently Dena Jones and I helped our investor client purchase a great home at a Trustee Sale. Opening bid was 292k He won at 318k We sold and closed it 40 days later for 410k He netted over $65k after all fees and costs Not bad,eh?  Click the link below to watch the virtual tour […]

Helping Buyers with Short Sales vs REO purchases

When we take out our buyers to look at both Short Sales and REO’s, we need to set our Buyers expectations between the two because there is a difference in how long they take to close escrow.  Short Sales do have a longer time frame involved due to negotiations than other homes on the market […]

Newest Short Sale Luxury Listing near Gilbert Arizona, horse property, full acre!

  21875 S 195th Street Queen Creek, AZ 85142 This property is in Maricopa County NOT Pinal, near Power Rd and Queen Creek. Contact Us to Get More Info

Year of Hope

  Rebecca Hidalgo delivers some interesting facts and figures that point to 2010 being the “Year of Hope.” Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, and Phoenix – things are looking up! If you are feeling that there is no hope with your home, please contact us now.

Integrity All Stars Featured in “”

Rebecca Hidalgo of the Integrity All Star Team was featured in She shared her wisdom as a “veteran” Real Estate agent specializing in short sales. give advice to both buyers and sellers in the Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Diego, Dallas, Salt Lake City, and Atlanta areas.  It is run by     […]


Why Integrity All Stars? We are a team of Real Estate professionals who have over 35 years of experience in the business. We are knowledgeable, professional and will work for you throughout the sale of your home. We have full time, career oriented agents and will use our combined knowledge and experience to help you […]