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Labor Day Trivia Contest- Answer and Winners!

Thank you everyone who participated in the Labor Day Trivia Contest! Question: (Click photo if you want to watch video from last week) When did it become “Faux Pas” and why to wear white after Labor Day? The Answer is: Congratulations to Heathyr Everson, Charla Larson & Azure Allen for winning our drawing!


Location, Location, Location!!!

Location, Location, Location!!! That said, where does your home rank on this list? There really hasn’t been too much movement on the top 5 list over the years but what is interesting is to see which towns have gained momentum or lost this past year. Check out the data!


Real Estate Market Update for June

Compliments of the Cromford Report- Beginning of June Many people new to the Valley ask where they should move too, since our Valley is so huge, we do cover a lot of ground in just Maricopa county alone… That said, you may be a little surprised to see who’s been more popular these last 2 […]


Another FREE YETI contest – client appreciation time!

  Please watch my quick video for all of the details, but mainly I’m looking for info about my past clients so that I can keep better in touch with them and keep the personalized experience for them going even after they have bought and/or sold a home with my office.  Just send me an […]


GOOD Contractor Relationships are so important!

We have found over the years- that GOOD Contractors that are honest, reliable, hard working, ethical and that show up are really hard to find sometimes!!!  We’ve created a list of people that fit that bill! James and I have personally used and referred these contracts to many of our clients over the years. Recently, […]



A lot of people will wait to get a tax refund and then use that for a down payment on a new home… which is a great strategy and NOTHING wrong with that BUT if you’re not getting a refund, haven’t filed yet (like me), or just have other plans for that money- you can […]


This is NOT A BUBBLE April Market Update

  SLIDE ABOVE COMPLIMENTS OF THE CROMFORD REPORT- Explains why analysts do not feel the current market is like last time it crashed and burned and that it’s not a “bubble” waiting to burst.                                           […]


Thinking about a BRAND New home instead of an existing home? IF so, then you need to watch this!

Did you know that a BUYER does not pay us to help them find a new home?  The Builder does- but it sure could cost you if you go into an office without representation. Watch this quick vid for more info why!   To avoid the lines tomorrow- please RSVP @ and while you're […]


Winner of the YETI cooler plus our very own dancing YETI

Of course before we share the video drawing of the winner of our raffle contest… We first, must share some Real Estate news… I saw a lot of hype this week about the FEDs raising rates by .25%… SO, MORTGAGE rates actually dropped as most times in anticipation of these kinds of announcements the markets […]

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Who wants to WIN a YETI cooler???

It’s that time again- TRIVIA CONTEST TIME!!!  And it’s also one of our favorite times of the YEAR- St. Patty’s day is upon us. To enter to win: Either ask to be added to our database if you aren’t already in it and receive our regular real estate market updates. Answer the question in the […]



We are so truly humbled and honored to have been awarded Top Customer Service and Most Sales in 2016 in all of Arizona- Without our clients, we’d be nothing- SO THANK YOU to everyone we’ve ever helped buy &/or sell a home and for your continued support, reviews, referrals- we have grateful hearts and look […]


Google Cardboard Glasses and Virtual Home Tours

Are we now in the era of TOTAL RECALL with the widespread use of affordable Google glasses from video games, movies to now touring homes from the seat of your own chair??? (Please click on photo below to watch my latest video on how they work!) Matterport Tours, also known as 3d Virtual Reality Home […]


NOBODY likes SURPRISES when it comes to selling their house- HOW YOU CAN AVOID IT WHEN YOU SELL YOURS!

So as of Feb 1, 2017, our purchase contracts have changed the way we are doing business when selling a home here in Arizona.  There are no longer "WARRANTABLE" items in the purchase contract where a seller is responsible for fixing items... really we are just getting with the program with how the rest of […]

Market Update for January 27, 2017

Please watch my quick 2 minute video, It’s pretty good if I do say so myself 🙂 Also, besides whether it’s a good market, something else I get asked often is price points in different parts of town so I wanted to share with you the following maps I uploaded from the Cromford Report to […]