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photo We have been given 2 pairs of Suns tickets by our great industry partners, Academy Mortgage and Lawyers title, which we will be raffling off tomorrow at our 2 open houses.  In order to enter, all  you have to do is stop by and see these great homes while we are open!

If in the meantime, you decide to buy one of them or tell a friend, we won’t mind at all! 

osr open houseThe first open house is participating in a MEGA neighborhood open house from 10-3 in South Chandler, here’s a link to a great video we posted on it and Old Stone Ranch…

click photo for link here—>>

and our other fantastic listing is located in Finley Farms in the center of Gilbert… we will hold that one open from 11-2

It is available today with a ZERO down program (in case any of you are currently renting and don’t have a down payment saved) called Home in 5… payment is comparable to what rent would be but owning allows you to write off the interest paid- did I mention it also has brand new carpet and appliances and paint too?

Keep your fingers crossed for us that we will have good weather – and if you can’t make either open house but would still like to enter to win, we are happy to arrange a private showing of either listing too- just give us a call at 480-243-4242!

THIS September may be best month yet locally for HOME Buyers

CR2Periodically I like to share the information I get regarding our local market statistics to help our clients determine if right now is the right time for them to buy or sell Real Estate.  I was lucky to get to sit in on a presentation by Michael Orr last week of the Cromford reportClick here for power point presentation

I found it quite insightful due to the fact that he verifies the information in our local MLS data is correct and bases his analysis on those statistics rather than basing his information on National data.  He started off his presentation like so many of us do with the disclaimer/definition of a “good” market- because every market can be good, depending on who you are and your goals. 

He was clear to say that the Real Estate agents that focus on the distressed market or local homebuilders today may not think it’s a “good” market right now- but if you are a BUYER looking to purchase by September of this year, this is a GREAT market right now…

Basically, it boils down to the simple law of Supply and Demand as the Cromford Index shows currently. 

In Chandler for example, the demand being in the RED but the supply in the green shows currently Buyers have the upper hand. However, a truly balanced market would be at 100 for the Market index and we are not far off from it. 

Michael predicted that by Spring of 2015, we most likely will see it gradually return to a Sellers market.  Nothing crazy, just a slight push upwards, along the lines of inflation which traditionally before the market crashed in 06, 2-5% a year increase in value is all that a homeowner would expect from his home and be quite happy for it.

This time last year, the Market Index was at 151 for Metro Phoenix with a Supply of 63.1 and Demand at 95.3.  Things have changed quickly in this past year as it was clearly a Sellers market back then.  The prices were also lower too… So a seller today without a huge urgency to sell, very well may be better off today than where they would have fared just 1 year ago as well… seems in life and in real estate, there’s always 2 sides to every coin… If there were a Seller just getting out of the market entirely, we’d most likely recommend to wait until Springtime to sell HOWEVER if they were wanting to purchase, they may fair better selling with today’s prices and incentives that Buyers are receiving rather than waiting to both sell and buy in the Springtime because that way as Buyers, they too can take advantage of the DEALS happening out in our marketplace today.


Michael Orr also spoke to why he thinks that the demand has dropped (please watch the power point presentation, link at top of blog for further stats and details) but mostly because our younger generation (Millenials) are preferring to rent homes today instead of purchasing for many reasons and there’s so many people still renting as a result of losing a home to foreclosure/short sale that the RENTAL MARKET has only gotten more expensive in recent years making it a great time to be a LANDLORD.  Because of this (along with the interest rates remaining super low), it’s CHEAPER TO OWN your home than rent today, not to mention the great tax benefits of owning vs renting a home.

ford Crom

City of Chandler’s NEWEST City park going in OLD STONE RANCH!

Citrus Vista Concept Plan.pdf


Click link to City’s Park Planning website:

City park


What’s truly impressive and one of the reasons why the City of Chandler is always winning awards is the PLANNING that has been done for the City’s future. PLEASE CLICK HERE for the complete article with Map but here’s an excert from “RECREATION AND OPEN SPACE TOWARD BUILD-OUT” 

The City realizes that residents will continue to gauge their quality of life by the variety of leisure activities available. The Recreation and Open Space Element responds to the City’s growing demands for parks, recreation and open space as build-out approaches. The development and implementation of parks and recreation services are guided by input from Chandler citizens. As Chandler’s remaining vacant lands are converted to urban use, reservations for parks and open space are critical. Well-maintained parks contribute to community vitality through enhanced property values and attraction of desirable businesses and employers.
This Element combines two statutorily required Elements: Open Space and Recreation. It contains goals, objectives and strategies for the provision and management of open space, parks and recreation services. GOAL: PROVIDE QUALITY PARKS AND RECREATIONAL FACILITIES CONVENIENT TO ALL NEIGHBORHOODS THAT MEET THE NEEDS OF A DIVERSE POPULATION. Objective: Provide at least one ten-acre neighborhood park within each residential square mile, where possible. Objective: Provide a system of community parks with service radius of 2 miles or less that provide a diversified mix of amenities. Objective: Develop comprehensive recreational resources to meet regional park needs. 


I personally LOVE living in the city of Chandler for everything this great city has to offer.  PLEASE Click here for Video regarding the City of Chandler I shot this past year with the DCCP that talks about it’s rich history, current events and great employers!

Our newest listing is located directly across the street from this future park.  Whoever ends up purchasing this gorgeous home will undoubtedly enjoy the NEW CITRUS VISTA park once it’s completed in about a year from now.  Today and Tomorrow we will be holding this great new home open – if you know of someone who may be interested in this great home, please share this video with them and tell them to stop by at one of our open houses!

Here’s the listing with all of the photos and details, please call 480-243-4242 for any questions about it or any of our homes for sale:,12,1

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I just wanted to Thank You for a wonderful time at Happy Hour last night. You are such an awesome group of people to work with and I am so lucky to know each and every one of you. I feel like we have been friends forever. I knew from the very begining when I asked you to do a Short Sale on my house that there would be no problems, and I was right!:) I will keep on referring all of you any time I get the chance. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can’t say it enough. — Aimee (Queen Creek)

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  • 288397.44,279971.56,290229.52,292559.86,313025.51,308789.40,298040.44,320215.62,299516.90,317486.39,302068.31,310515.82
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