City of Chandler’s NEWEST City park going in OLD STONE RANCH!

Citrus Vista Concept Plan.pdf


Click link to City’s Park Planning website:

City park


What’s truly impressive and one of the reasons why the City of Chandler is always winning awards is the PLANNING that has been done for the City’s future. PLEASE CLICK HERE for the complete article with Map but here’s an excert from “RECREATION AND OPEN SPACE TOWARD BUILD-OUT” 

The City realizes that residents will continue to gauge their quality of life by the variety of leisure activities available. The Recreation and Open Space Element responds to the City’s growing demands for parks, recreation and open space as build-out approaches. The development and implementation of parks and recreation services are guided by input from Chandler citizens. As Chandler’s remaining vacant lands are converted to urban use, reservations for parks and open space are critical. Well-maintained parks contribute to community vitality through enhanced property values and attraction of desirable businesses and employers.
This Element combines two statutorily required Elements: Open Space and Recreation. It contains goals, objectives and strategies for the provision and management of open space, parks and recreation services. GOAL: PROVIDE QUALITY PARKS AND RECREATIONAL FACILITIES CONVENIENT TO ALL NEIGHBORHOODS THAT MEET THE NEEDS OF A DIVERSE POPULATION. Objective: Provide at least one ten-acre neighborhood park within each residential square mile, where possible. Objective: Provide a system of community parks with service radius of 2 miles or less that provide a diversified mix of amenities. Objective: Develop comprehensive recreational resources to meet regional park needs. 


I personally LOVE living in the city of Chandler for everything this great city has to offer.  PLEASE Click here for Video regarding the City of Chandler I shot this past year with the DCCP that talks about it’s rich history, current events and great employers!

Our newest listing is located directly across the street from this future park.  Whoever ends up purchasing this gorgeous home will undoubtedly enjoy the NEW CITRUS VISTA park once it’s completed in about a year from now.  Today and Tomorrow we will be holding this great new home open – if you know of someone who may be interested in this great home, please share this video with them and tell them to stop by at one of our open houses!

Here’s the listing with all of the photos and details, please call 480-243-4242 for any questions about it or any of our homes for sale:,12,1

HOW to RAISE your CREDIT score yourself!


(To download the complete power point from Go Clean Credit, please click photo above)

I recently came across this article which reminded me of a blog I wrote nearly 1 1/2 yrs ago (Click here to read) and I decided it’s time to revisit this topic since CREDIT SCORES and how they are CALCULATED are such a MYSTERY to most.

PLEASE BE SURE to click on the photo above as it’s only 1 slide of many that literally breaks down how our CREDIT SCORES are determined and gives great advice on what you can do yourself to improve your scores. 

CREDIT SCORES are so important since everything we do in life seems to go back to your CREDIT WORTHINESS- from the rate you get on a car or mortgage loan to whether you get hired on by an employer or get approved for a lease to what you get quoted for your insurance rates and so much more! 

It’s imperative we educate ourselves and our children because it really is a huge key component to getting the material things one wants in life!

A little over a year ago, I had the pleasure of having Dawn McCraw, owner of Go Clean Credit, speak at one of our Buyer Workshops and she shared with our group the above power point.  I’d never had it broken down so simplistically before so please share this valuable information with anyone you care about. 

In my blog I wrote, I have the link to where one can pull their 3 reports for FREE with no impact to their scores (FTC Website), so my advice to you is to first pull your reports and see if everything on there is correct- if not, file an online dispute to get whatever erroneous information off of your credit report which will undoubtedly improve your score.  Second step, is to go through the Power Point above and compare your report to the breakdown of credit and create a plan to follow the advice to improve your score yourself! 

You can always hire a firm like Dawns to help, but it’s really easy and I recommend only paying for credit repair services when you’ve already done these steps and can’t improve your score any further without professional help.  I’ve seen Dawn’s work in action and last year she helped one of our clients purchase her first home by removing $20k of “bad” credit with the help of an attorney in her office, so her program does work but there is so much each of us can do ourselves without the help of a professional.

For my PAST SHORT SALE CLIENTS- this is so important to do because many lenders reported SHORT SALES by mistake as FORECLOSURES- so please get online and pull your reports to verify the information on there is correct and do the steps outlined above to get your scores as high as possible so if you want to buy a home again, you’ll be able to without a problem!  (waiting periods are 2-3 yrs after the closing of a short sale for most low to no down payment mortgage loans)

Please feel free to call our office for any advice on this topic! 480-243-4242  We are always happy to help- any way we can!

List of “Excess Funds” you may be entitled to if you had a Foreclosure

How is that possible, you may ask?

I had remembered something a long time ago in a class about this, but really never gave it much thought until now because I haven’t heard much about it since until recently… one of my past clients is getting a check for OVER $20k!?!  She called me to look into what she thought may be a scam (because it sounded too good to possibly be true) but it turned out it was no scam at all….

I’d helped my client’s husband short sale his home that he’d purchased before they were married back in 2011.  She was able to purchase a newer home in Anthem (under just her name) and they moved in with what they’d hoped to be a fresh start… but sadly they’d run into hard times again and lost this home to “Foreclosure”.  The company that purchased their home at the Auction luckily allowed them to rent it back, so as of today they are still living there.  Sadly, they no longer are able to benefit from tax write off of the mortgage interest or taxes and had equity they’d lost… well, sort of… they did end up qualifying to receive some of the equity they had up until the date of the actual auction.

PER Arizona Revised Statutes 33-812- My client is entitled to the proceeds resulting from her foreclosure of her home which was sold for more than the amount owed the lender.  It got me thinking, how many more people out there I may know may be entitled to $ from their foreclosure too?

                   (Click image below for PDF of entire list)


Please be sure to share with anyone/everyone just in case they could benefit like my client did.

If you’re curious what happens at a Foreclosure Auction (AKA Trustee Sale), please click this link to a blog I’d written a little over 4 years ago that features a slide show from an auction I’d personally attended.  Mainly, the folks today that I expect that are on this list are folks like my client that’d purchased their home when the market was down or prior to the crash and lost it since 2012 when the prices started appreciating again locally.

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Thank you for your great service!

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